jung shin dancing in front of yong hwa :)))

min hyuk and jong hyun staring kekeke


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Interview Rough translation-First part:

1st track - I’m sorry
Yonghwa, “A narrow minded guy is kicked out by his girlfriend and he is blowing off steam. It’s basically a pop song with rock elements being added to it. I am doing a band, but I like various music such as dance, electronics. So I…


Interview Rough translation-Second Part:

Reporters asked, “You guys don’t have any scandal. Haven’t you ever make a serious breakaway?”

Minhyuk said, “Our breakaway is just going to a snowboarding.”

Jonghyun, “If we had holidays, we go to snowboarding, four members together.”

Yonghwa, “We…


아빠를 찾으러 왔다는 콜린! 

A Gentleman’s Dignity

La dignidad de un caballero
3/? flawless biases → Jung Yong Hwa